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Sculpt 24 Fitness is a results driven, 24-hour gym located in Valdosta, Georgia. Our strong commitment to providing a fitness center that caters to the entire family and helping people through the entire process of getting into the best shape of their lives is what has made us successful today. With our wide range of amenities and highly trained staff we have created a one stop shop for all of your health and fitness needs. We are in the business of helping people and changing lives and are very blessed to be given the opportunity to join you on your fitness journey.

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I joined Sculpt 24 after having my first son in February 2017. I was at my heaviest weight of my life and most out of shape. I initially joined because they offered a daycare while I workout. After working out on my own for about a month I was leaving and the head coach of SBMS crossfit, Jason, invited me to come try out crossfit for the first time. I was super hesitant because I was so out of shape and embarrassed but I sucked up my pride and came the next morning. All of my initial anxiety disappeared as soon as the workout started. All of the other people were super friendly and made sure I was comfortable. Jason was able to modify all of the exercises to my ability, where I still got an amazing workout. I was immediately hooked and haven’t stopped since. At the time I started I was about 215 lbs and I am currently about 175 lbs. I am now on my second pregnancy and continuing with crossfit. I feel very comfortable and the coaches always help me modify any exercises to accommodate my needs. If you have thought about trying crossfit, I would say give it a try! SBMS is my gym family!

Desiree Basinger

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